Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does Bluegrass Muffler and Brake do anything other than exhaust work?
    Yes! We work on brakes, tune-ups, suspension and everything in between on all makes and models.

  • What kind of warranty does Bluegrass Muffler and Brake offer?
    In terms of exhaust components, we are proud to be the only exhaust shop around that offers a limited lifetime warranty, parts & labor, on stainless steel systems.

  • How long will my exhaust system last before it needs to be replaced again?
    For stainless steel systems, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on the parts & labor of any system we build. For non-exhaust related work (brakes, tune-ups, etc.), we honor the warranty of the part manufacturer. We strive for perfection with any repair we make on your vehicle; in the unlikely event there is an issue with the labor we performed, we stand behind our work 100% and will do whatever necessary to rectify and issues.

  • Do you offer and/or install high-flow catalytic converters?
    Yes! We offer a wide-range of high performance catalytic converters in all sizes.

  • I bought my parts somewhere else; can you install them?
    Yes, but any applicable warranty will be determined at the time of installation.

  • Can you install my aftermarket headers?
    Yes, we have installed aftermarket performance parts from bolt-on exhaust systems & exhaust manifolds to complete turbo & supercharger systems. Pricing varies, come by for a quote.

  • I want a high-flow, high-performance exhaust system, but I do not want it to be too loud; is this possible?
    Absolutely! We can design a fully straight-through stainless steel high-performance exhaust system that is only about 5 to 10 percent louder than factory.

  • How long will you need my vehicle?
    This depends on the application and difficulty of the job; however we strive for same-day turn-around time and in a majority of cases can have your vehicle back same-day if we have it in the morning, but we will let you know ahead of time.

  • If I have a brand new vehicle, does it void my warranty to install a high-performance exhaust system?
    Typically no, as long as you are replacing components after the catalytic converter, any exhaust work should leave your warranty in tact. Some dealerships differ in what voids their warranty. So we always recommend speaking to your dealer ahead of time to see how 'mod-friendly' they are.